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ADINO Gold: Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Services support for 8 hours

Post escalating of the call to field support, respective engineer will visit the site along with requisite spares.

In Case of any Failure of equipment, the same shall be replaced at no extra cost. In case of replacement the faulty spares shall be the property of Adino.
The company assures uptime of greater than 98.5%.
In case of any lifting/ shifting/ de-installation, the same shall be done at an extra cost.
Response Time: 0 – 50km – 4 hours
  50 – 200km – 12 hours
  >200km – 24 – 72 hours
The above response time is with respect to the Adino support center.
Resolution Time: The resolution time is consider as a repair time & it will be 6 hours after reaching site.
The response time shall be calculated with respect to working hours/days. The Weekly holiday & Public holiday will not be calculated under the response time.
The Complain to be logged between 9am to 4pm. The Complain logged after 4pm will be considered as next day’ call.
The complaint should be logged in writing by E-mail ( )/ FAX/ Letter.
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