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Portables ATH-150/ATH-450 Series

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ATH-150/ATH-450 Series
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Simple Operation
Compact, reliable & tough
Wide frequency coverage
Lithium-ion Battery standard
Programmable Emergency Button
2/5-Tone Decode
Inversion Scrambling built in
Remote Stun
Lone worker function
Mil-Spec and IP-54
Highly Water resistant
Ergonomic Mechanic Design


UHF Frequency Range
VHF Frequency Range
No. of Channels
Channel Spacing
Nominal Voltage
Coverage(open space)
103mm (H) x 52mm (W) x 32mm (D)
400-470 MHz
450-512 MHz
136-174 MHz
16 Channels
12.5 KHz / 25KHz programmable
7.5 Volts DC
up to 5 mile


Transmitter ATH-150(VHF) ATH-450(UHF)
RF Power Output 5/2W 4/2W
Hum & Noise @ 25 KHz 45db 45db
Hum & Noise @ 12.5 KHz 40db 40db
Modulation dist @ 1KHz 3% max @ 1000Hz 3% max @ 1000Hz
Channel Speed 34 MHz without tuning 70 MHz without tuning
Normal Battery Drain 1.7Amps in 5 Watts 1.7Amps in 5 Watts


Reciever ATH-150(VHF) ATH-450(UHF)
Sensitivity 12db SINAD 0.25µV 12db SINAD 0.25µV
Selectivity @ 25KHz Better than 70db Better than 70db
Selectivity @ 12.5KHz Better than 65db Better than 65db
Spurious response 70dB 70dB
Audio o/p Power 1Watt @ 16ohms 1Watt @ 16ohms
Channel Spread 34 MHz without tuning 70 MHz without tuning
Battery Drain 55mA Stand by 45mA Stand by
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