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Backhaul Solutions

Adino provides wireless broadband solutions using high bandwidth, throughput point-to-point wireless radios. We provide solutions which are easy to install, affordable and quick to deploy. Adino's cellular backhaul solutions enable cellular operators to reach out to rural subscribers as well as deliver enhanced service in urban areas.

Connecting People Through Wireless
Demand for high bandwidth applications has led Cellular operators to extend their networks to reach more subscribers and provide more bandwidth to each customer. With backhaul expenses contributing a significant chunk of network costs, carriers must find a way to enhance backhaul capacity while reducing its cost per bit, minimizing both CAPEX and OPEX delivering up to 250Mbps and 32E1s /T1s.
Addressing Urban & Rural Connectivity Needs
In the licensed & unlicensed space, Adino empowers cellular carriers with a backhaul solution that meet their needs in a variety of deployment scenarios. In India the density of population varies substantially from rural to urban. In rural areas, ARPU is lower and the cost of developing infrastructure is higher compared to urban areas. Adino's licensed & unlicensed backhaul solutions enable easy and affordable expansion of the rural cellular network.

For urban areas, network operators can deliver cellular services to cover hot-spots, peak hour traffic requirements and capacity enhancement. We also provide WiMAX & WiMesh technologies to tackle the urban connectivity needs.
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