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Almost all telecom cell sites around the world are installed with diesel generators as a back up or as the primary source of power. Diesel generators were originally deployed because of their low capital cost, easy installation, flexible in employment & low maintenance. However, the cost of diesel & diesel pilferages continues to increase operating expenses.

Considering the cost, availability, and reliability of diesel, the Government of India has undertaken a policy decision to promote renewable power sources and energy storage solutions. As cost of solar panels continues to come down, the return on investment for renewable sources looks more favorable. By promoting renewable energy and offering incentives the Government of India is hoping to convert 10% of the total cell sites to renewal.


Solar Energy Management

A Solar PV panel generates DC power for the load and charges the battery (which serves as the energy storage device), powering the load when there is no output from the PV. A charged controller regulates the output of the PV and ensures proper battery charge. A DG Set is used to power the cell site in the event there is no power output from the PV system. Lead Acid Tubular Batteries (LATB) & Valve Regulated Lead Acid Batteries (VRLA) batteries are most commonly used storage devices in a PV system because of their low initial cost. The major disadvantages of VRLA Batteries for storage application are as below:-
Life cycle of the battery is less
The life span is dependent on temperature hence needs a control environment which directly enhances the OPEX cost
Charging time of the batteries is very high
There are many advantages to implement other types of batteries which takes care of the above disadvantages points. These batteries include silicon based batteries, flow batteries, lithium Ion batteries & nickel cadmium batteries.

Cell Site Energy Management



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