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A small, digital single-site solution running on DAMM's TetraFlex® platform is all you need to manage all from security to service staff. TetraFlex® is the feature rich and cost effective solution for small scale operations, easy to deploy and providing excellent coverage.

Stay coordinated

The highly flexible and clear voice communication, with individual calls, group calls telephone (PABX), emergency calls and more, keeps your staff coordinated.

With the DGNA, dynamic group assignment, you can easily create common talk groups between different groups for easy management.

User Friendly

The unique user-friendly and intuitive graphical interface of the TetraFlex® software allows you to get your system up running quickly.

Cost effective

With TetraFlex® offering plug-and-play simplicity for easy set-up and fast deployment, and with the TetraFlex® base station optimized for direct installation in antenna masts you maintain a very low cost of installation.

TetraFlex® is developed with flexibility and user-friendliness at the core, saving substantially on training and project costs.

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