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Public Safety

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Reliable communication is crucial to mission-critical operations, where public safety relies on a swift, well coordinated response to critical incidents. The TetraFlex® communication solution keeps you coordinated by offering a reliable, scalable and secure communication network for easy deployment.


Maintain private and secure communication with no risk of eavesdropping and exposure to potentially sensitive information with Air Interface Encryption.


With priority and emergency call access granted you can be assured that in case of emergency there is no risk of congestions or unavailable communication.

Ensure staff Safety by using ambience listening where drivers' health and Safety might be at risk.


The TETRA voice algorithm ensures clear voice quality, even in very noisy environments. To ensure an effective and well coordinated response to critical incidents, use DGNA to create common talk groups between organizations, such as ambulance, police and fire rescuers adapted to the individual mission critical operation. Effectively reconstruct critical incidents with the TetraFlex® Voice and Data Management for recording and replay of voice, data and call data records.


With the TetraFlex® redundant system, system failures will automatically activate the redundant system or carriers. The TetraFlex® intelligent distributed architecture ensures that all system information is always replicated to all sites in the network. Local call and data traffic will always continue uninterrupted, even if one or more sites lose connection with the rest of the network.

Base station battery back-up ensures continued operation during power failures.


The 100% IP based technology together with the intelligent TetraFlex® software enables simple and self-configuring site expansion - even while in operation.

Mobile deployment

The TetraFlex® IP65 protected base station is, with its small size and weight, ideal for deployable solutions for special units and mountable directly in trucks, cars, containers etc.


TetraFlex® comes with a wide range of software applications and services suited for Public Safety operations.

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