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Analogue Systems

Analog System
Analog System Overview
arrow Video Cassette Recorder as a recording device
arrow Record /View different footage at a single time
arrow Recording length is limited to Video Cassette
arrow Image degradation over time
arrow Video files cannot be copied, shared, or transported
arrow High wear & tear

Digital Systems

Digital System
Digital System Overview
arrow Digital hard drive
arrow Record /View different footage simultaneously
arrow Recording length relatively infinite based on size of hard drive
arrow No image degradation over time and limitless copying
arrow Instant event search/viewing
arrow Video files easily copied, shared, or transported
arrow No tapes to change or wear out
arrow No physical storage required
arrow Includes analog to video conversion and compression

IP Based Systems

IP System
IP System Overview
arrow The IP surveillance system provides a host of benefits and advanced functionalities that cannot be provided by an analog video surveillance system
arrow Remote accessibility
arrow High image quality
arrow Event management and intelligent video
arrow Scalability and flexibility
arrow Cost-effectiveness
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