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Public Safety


Reliable communication is crucial to mission-critical operations, where public safety relies on a swift, well coordinated response to critical incidents. The TetraFlex® communication solution keeps you coordinated by offering a reliable, scalable and secure communication network for easy deployment.


Whether an airport, railway, bus or taxi company it is essential to the business to stay coordinated. TetraFlex® provides the big picture with its highly reliable voice and data communication network, including a wide range of suited applications.


With high demands on operational efficiency and workers safety within gas, water and electrical utility companies, TetraFlex® offers the most reliable and user friendly communication solution, easy to adapt by different organisational levels.


Operational efficiency is crucial to most industries. Whether it comes to security, logistics or operational coordination, alarm handling from the manufacturing site or workers safety, TetraFlex provides fast and instant voice and data communication.


A small, digital single-site solution running on DAMM’s TetraFlex® platform is all you need to manage all from security to service staff. TetraFlex® is the cost effective solution for small scale operations , easy to deploy and providing excellent coverage.

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