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Each AdinoTrack vehicle tracking device is provided with a Mini USB port which can configure the device and set a protocol for server communication. The unit can also be configured remotely (OTA Setting) and its Micro sd card can support up to 2GB for data storage.

Every communication signal is detected by AdinoTrack through the Quad-Band GSM/GPRS/ and GPS Module which provides accurate data via SMS or GPRS.

AdinoTrack provides location accuracy of the vehicle within a radius of up to five meters and comes with a hassle free and prompt GPRS software upgrading system.

Hardware Features

arrow Tri-Band 900/1800/1900 MHz GSM/GPRS Module ( QUAD BAND OPTIONAL)
arrow 20 Channels GPS Receiver (SiRF III Compliant)
arrow Micro SD Card for Data Storage (Supports upto 2GB)
arrow LED Indication for GSM, GPS and Power Status
arrow Polyphonic Buzzer for Incoming Calls Indication
arrow Audio Jack for 2 Way Voice Communication
arrow Low Power Consumption
arrow Automatic Switching from External to Internal Battery with Special Power Saving Mode
arrow Built in Battery Support
arrow Digital Input/Output
arrow Vehicle Ignition (On/Off) Detection
arrow Vehicle Door (Open/Close) Detection
arrow Vehicle Immobilise Control
arrow Vehicle Park Light Control
arrow Mains Supply Cut
arrow Security System ARM/DISARM
arrow Door Lock Unlock
arrow Sound Systems Theft Detection
arrow Siren
arrow Analog Input
arrow Vehicle Fuel Level Sensing
arrow Temperature Sensing


arrow GPRS Connectivity Lost
arrow GPS Antenna Cut/Disconnect
arrow GPS Fix Lost
arrow Device Tamper
arrow Vehicle Over Speeding
arrow Low Internal Battery Voltage
arrow On-line SIM Card Removal
arrow On-line SD Card Removal
arrow SD Card Available Memory Low

Software Features

arrow On Line Tracking
arrow Offline tracking (Without Simcard Data Logger)
arrow SMS / GPRS Communication (Tracking + Configuring)
arrow TCP-IP/UDP Connectivity
arrow Two IP Address Configurable
arrow Domain Name Based Connectivity with Web Server
arrow USB Connectivity with PC for Configuration
arrow Over The Air (OTA) Configuration
arrow SOS SMS and SOS CALL Facility
arrow Provision for Configuring Either 10 Incoming Call Numbers or Any Numbers
arrow Automatic APN Selection (Applicable only for Pre-define Operators)
arrow Offline Mode GPS Data Storage in SD Card upto 8 Years
arrow Programmable Power Saving Mode
arrow Cell ID information in Absence of GPS Connectivity
arrow Silent Call
arrow GSM/GPRS Server Connectivity Protocols As Per Requirement
Front Pannel Back Pannel

Technical Specifications

arrow System GSM/GPRS/GPS  
arrow CPU ARM 32BIT  
arrow Output Class 4 ( 2W for GSM 900 )
Class 1 ( 1W for GSM 1800 )
arrow SIM (RUIM) Interface External SIM 1.8V & 3V  
arrow SMS Supports Text  
arrow GPRS Packet Data Class 10 Coding Scheme CS1 to CS4
arrow LED Power - RED, GSM - GREEN, GPS - YELLOW  
arrow Connectors/Switches SMA antenna connector for GSM,
SMA antenna connector for GPS,
Voice port for two-way voice communication,
Tact switch for emergency SMS,
Tact switch for emergency voice call / Answering Incoming Call,
Tact Switch for Call Hang - Up, Six Pin Connector, USB Connector
arrow Power Supply Wide DC input voltage range 10V - 30V  
arrow Internal Battery 3.7/1050Ah Li-ion  
arrow Enclosure Powder Coated Cabinet  
arrow Operating Temperature -10ºC to +55ºC  
arrow Storage -40ºC to +85ºC  
arrow Humidity 5% - 85% RH  
arrow Dimension (mm x mm x mm) 130 X 85 X 30  
arrow Cabinet aluminium/ metal (powder coated)  
arrow Weight 275gms  
arrow Antenna GSM+ GPS  
arrow Software PC Utility software for parameter configuration & Reading Offline Data From Memory card  
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