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Whether an airport, railway, bus or taxi company it is essential to the business to stay coordinated. TetraFlex® provides the big picture with its highly reliable voice and data communication network, including a wide range of suited applications.

Stay coordinated

The highly flexible and clear voice communication, with individual calls, group calls telephone (PABX), emergency calls and more keeps your fleet coordinated.

With DGNA, dynamic group assignment, you can easily create common talk groups between different organisations, adapted to each operation.

The GPS positioning system and intuitive TetraFlex® Dispatcher solution allowing you to effectively manage, supervise and control your fleet operation.

Customer satisfaction

Optimize customer satisfaction with TETRA as your platform for a wide range of data services, such as on board system status, alarms, signaling, passenger information, road information and much more.


Assigning ambience or discrete listening ensures staff safety, where health and safety might be at risk.

Easy integration

The easy accessible TetraFlex® API allows seamless integration to existing systems or third party development of tailored solutions.


The 100% IP based technology together with the intelligent TetraFlex® Software enables simple and self-configuring site expansion - even while in operation.


TetraFlex® comes with a wide range of software applications and services suited for transport and logistics operations.

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