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P25 TP9100 - Options and Accessories

Complement your choice of P25 portable radio with this range of accessories to deliver a total solution.

The P25 TP9100 series of options and accessories include:

Battery Options

TP9100 NiMH 2400 mAh

TP9100 Li-Ion 2500 mAh

*IS (FM) battery options available for the TP9155/60 portables only

Charging Options

TP9100 Fast desktop smart charger

TP9100 6-way multi charger

TP9100 vehicle charger

*IS (FM) battery options available for the TP9155/60 portables only

Programming and Service Kits
Programming Kit
  Includes programming software, cables and USB adapter
Service Kit
  Includes calibration and programming software, cables, interface unit, USB adapter and service documentation
Software Licenses

Software licenses allow a solution that is readily extended as needs change, removing the risk of hardware upgrades and factory returns. Trunking, P25 CAI, encryption, location transmission/display, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and OTAR are just some of the software license options available. Software licenses are available separately per radio.

For a complete list of available software licenses, please contact your local Tait representative.

Please note that not all software licenses are available to the TP9135/40 portables.

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