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Tait Radio Communications has a proven track record of delivering P25 solutions that meet the needs of our customers. Your TaitNet P25 conventional, conventional simulcast, trunked or trunked simulcast network will benefit from a single point of accountability and world class installation, training and technical support. From reliable P25 portables and mobiles to routers, networking equipment and base stations/repeaters, Tait's P25 solution is the total package.
Tait has involved our users in the design of TaitNet P25 to create a cost-effective radio communications platform that is easy to grow in size and functionality, and is interoperable with analog or other P25 equipment.
The TB9100 is the core of any TaitNet P25 platform and is an advanced, modular fixed station that can be configured as either a base station or a repeater in a P25 system.


P25 conventional system
P25 conventional simulcast
P25 trunked system
P25 trunked simulcast
Cost-effective radio communications platform
IP-based infrastructure
High performance

TaitNet P25 Conventional

The reliable and proven TaitNet P25 conventional system minimizes project risk by enabling a staged migration from analog to digital, so you can move at a pace that suits your users, partner agencies, neighboring counties, funding sources and communities’ needs. With a TaitNet P25 conventional system, the equipment you purchase today can be easily updated to P25 digital trunking or simulcast and to future P25 technology advances at a later date if required. TaitNet P25 conventional systems utilize the market-leading Tait TB9100 base station/repeater which offers superior built-in functionality. Built-in voting, voice-over-IP (VoIP), and remote access and alarms reduce capital expenditure because less equipment is needed from the outset, while variable costs are contained by reduced site visits. Under justifiable public scrutiny users turn to Tait to help ensure their networks are constructed on time and on budget.

TaitNet P25 Simulcast

Tait’s P25 simulcast solution combines knowledgeable staff with an intelligent base station/repeater and can reduce installation costs, maintenance burdens and site storage. The licensable software features such as the simulcast controller, centralized voting and IP functionality are built into Tait’s TB9100 base station/repeater, eliminating the need for additional external equipment, and the need for a “prime” site. The built-in functionality reduces capital costs because less equipment is required from the outset and upgrades can be managed without visiting the site. Utilizing the P25 CAP-tested TB9100 base station as the network's core, Tait's experienced engineers will draw upon industry-recognized TSB-88 based prediction modeling methodology and intelligent GPS modeling to design a system that can deliver the ultimate in redundancy. With Tait’s P25 simulcast solution, several sites can be utilized as a central voter to reduce the risk of network failure and ensure network reliability.

TaitNet P25 Trunked

For organizations requiring secure, easily managed and interoperable communications across mixed-vendor fleets, a TaitNet P25 trunked digital network delivers channel efficiency, reliability and scalability. TaitNet P25 networks are scalable from single site to state-wide; communicating across any combination of UHF, VHF, 700/800MHZ and P25 trunked simulcast demonstrates the unparalleled flexibility of TaitNet network architecture that other manufacturers cannot emulate.

As a complete end-to-end solutions provider with decades of experience in implementing trunked and simulcast radio systems, Tait staff will design, deploy and support a competitively-priced P25 trunked network. TaitNet P25 digital trunked networks have the most robust, reliable base station/repeater at their core, the TB9100 – delivering P25 CAP-tested interoperability, assured purchasing with grant funds and sophisticated remote diagnostics to reduce tower site visits.

The TB9100 is programmed and controlled by the Customer Service Software (CSS) PC application. It can be upgraded through software options and offers a variety of industry-standard interfaces enabling connection to a wide range of network equipment.
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