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Operational efficiency is crucial to most industries. Whether it comes to security, logistics or operational coordination, alarm handling from the manufacturing site or workers' safety, TetraFlex® provides fast and instant voice and data communication.


Keep your teams coordinated with the highly flexible voice communication services, such as individual calls, group calls, telephone (PABX), emergency calls and more, always with crystal clear voice quality - even in very noisy environments. Increase efficiency with the TETRA data service, for example for technical alarm dispatching to your radios.


Optimise workers' safety in remote areas with man-down functionality, and direct alarm dispatch to emergency units.

Easy integration

The easy accessible TetraFlex® API allows seamless integration to existing data and telemetry systems.

High coverage

The IP65 encapsulated TetraFlex® base station is designed for direct installation in antenna masts in very harsh environments. This provides an optimised coverage area and low cost of installation. The efficient weather-proofing adds extra flexibility to the network setup and enables owners to combine indoor and outdoor base stations in the same network.


The base station battery back-up ensures continued operation during power failures.
With the TetraFlex® redundant system, system failures will automatically activate the redundant system or carriers.


TetraFlex® comes with a wide range of software applications and services suited for Industrial operations.

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