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Adino Power VRLA Batteries are produced and tested in our fully equipped test house at our R&D centre in Mumbai. To increase cyclic life, these batteries feature heavy-duty corrosion-resistant alloy for positive grids.

Glass mat PE separators are used which prevent material shedding at high temperatures. They are of very low electrical resistance and highly resistant to oxidizing atmosphere.
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Tips for battery maintenance

arrow Avoid installing batteries near heat generating sources, as heat kills batteries
Recommended operating temperature is 27°C±2°C.
arrow Provide adequate ventilation
arrow Avoid contact with organic solvents as the battery case is made of ABS resin
arrow Do not solder any connecting wires to battery terminals
arrow Secure the battery to resist vibration and mechanical shocks
arrow Ensure an air space of 5mm to 10 mm in-between batteries for the purpose of cooling
arrow Do not keep the batteries in a discharged state
arrow Avoid mixing type/ capacity/ make-of batteries
arrow Ensure proper insulation when installing on steel stand by providing polyethylene or polypropylene sheet underneath each battery


Use of high purity calcium alloy maximizes service life of ADINO VRLA Batteries
Maintenance-free as no water top-up required for its entire life
No special battery rooms, as no corrosive fumes
Availability in variety of ranges and capacities
Customized solutions to address variety of applications
Maintenance free and non-spillable sealed construction
Grid growth provision
Designed for high integrity and long life
Ventilated module design
Safe to use - leak proof and explosion proof
Enhanced performance
Ease of installation and ready to use-supplied in fully charged condition
Eco-friendly, cadmium-free alloy for ease in recycling
Simple cell replacement capability
Horizontal plate stacking
Tank formation of plates
20 years designed life