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AdinoTrack's vehicle tracking system works on GPS/GSM/GPRS. An AdinoTrack vehicle tracking unit is fitted in the vehicle which is linked to the server using GPRS. The customer can login to the web account & view all movements of the vehicle in real time.

Web Application Features

arrow User’s Dashboard gives a snapshot of all the user’s vehicle’s current location in Text format as well as on map
arrow Real Time data plotting on digitized map
arrow Automatic data refresh on live tracking
arrow Address details for each location point
arrow Geo-Fencing with alerts
arrow Define Point of Interest for Vehicle
arrow Alert Monitoring for
  • Geo-Fence violation
  • Over-Speeding
  • Over-Stoppage
  • POI cross-over
  • I/O device alerts
  • Insurance alert
  • Maintenance alert
arrow Fleet Management
arrow Fuel Monitoring
arrow User Rights Management
arrow Choice of Icon for location plotting
arrow Reports
  • Summary Report
  • Position History Report - Textual
  • Position History Report - Graphical
  • Distance Travelled Report
  • Fuel Consumption Report
arrow Highly flexible and customizable solution
arrow Fleet Maintenance
arrow Reports
  • Summary Report for Distance traveled, maximum speed and average speed
  • Detailed position history
  • Over-Speeding Report
  • Over-Stoppage Report
  • Fuel Consumption Report
arrow Exception Reporting
  • Geo-Fence violation
  • Over-Speeding
  • Over-Stoppage
  • POI cross-over
  • I / O device alerts

Benefits of AdinoTrack

arrow Reduce Labour Cost
arrow Efficient Route Planning
arrow Improved Response Time
arrow Reduce rising fleet expenses
arrow Reduce Customer complaints
arrow Improve Driver Accountability
arrow Reduce employee overtime pay
arrow Faster Customer Response Time
arrow Accurately predict arrival times or delays
arrow Create and maintain Vehicle and Driver details
arrow Immediately dispatch vehicles closest to the impact area

Application Areas

arrow Logistic
arrow Transport Contractors
arrow Rent a Car / Limousine / Taxi Companies
arrow School Bus
arrow Public Transport Companies
arrow Food and beverage distributors
arrow Oil delivery companies
arrow Courier & Cargo service companies
arrow Ambulance and emergency service provider
arrow Utility service Companies
arrow Call Centre Pick-up Cabs
arrow Oil companies- for monitoring remote assets and equipments
arrow Private vehicles
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