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DefenceDefense and Security Agencies around the world are faced with a unique set of challenges when planning their telecommunications network infrastructures. Handling highly classified and sensitive data, and ensuring its protection is a matter of departmental, and sometimes national security. These networks are especially vulnerable to attacks by unauthorized, malicious users, and require real-time, enhanced security and encryption functionalities.

Adino’s wireless solutions provide powerful capabilities to vigilantly monitor, measure, and extract IP traffic flows in real-time. Adino’s security patented algorithms provide instant counter-measures to position WLAN infrastructures and business-critical applications for zero tolerance to attacks.

Go wireless with Adino and realize the full benefits of broadband wireless networks.

Adino’s wireless infrastructure can be bundled with an IP video surveillance system and perimeter control devices. This allows perimeter and area monitoring from a single control centre—providing better control and reducing staffing costs.

Solution Benefits

arrow Rugged - for operation in extreme environments
arrow QoS - guaranteed service delivery and networking
arrow Secure Networking
arrow Access - WEP, WPA, User Authentication
arrow Encryption - AES, DES, Blowfish
arrow Application - VLAN, VPN

Fast, Reliable Bandwidth

Adino’s advanced point-to-point and point-to-multipoint wireless broadband products are ideal for defense and security agencies because they are fast and reliable and provide the most bandwidth for the investment. Proprietary Adino technology minimizes interference and ensures constant service over distance through increased data rates and enhanced reliability.

Flexible, Scalable Installation

With broadband wireless connectivity, networks can be quickly, easily and inexpensively modified to meet changing requirements. In addition, broadband wireless networks offer the flexibility to painlessly add or eliminate sites, or secure additional bandwidth.

Proven Track Record

With its portfolio of advanced wireless and WiMAX equipment, Adino has helped defense agencies in several countries realize the full benefits of wireless networks. Adino equipment is at the heart of award-winning network deployments across the globe.

Solid Security

Adino equipment features enhanced security to prevent eavesdropping--thanks to built-in data scrambling that “disguises” data when traveling across the wireless network. The Adino product family uses proprietary technology for even higher levels of security. Adino has added many features that make it virtually impossible to intercept and decipher transmissions, including irregular transmission patterns and proprietary data formatting.

Sample Application

Company :
A remote military base with several satellite field offices used in training exercises.
Application :
The military base needed to equip two remote operations stations with broadband Internet access in addition to a secure network for video surveilance and file transfers.

To do this, the base set up a point-to-multipoint broadband wireless network using Adino wireless equipment. The wireless network extended the base’s broadband communications infrastructure, including its high-speed Internet connection, from thr base headquarters to the remote offices.
Benefits of Going Broadband Wireless :
arrow The remote offices were equipped with broadband Internet access quickly because there was no need for time consuming and expensive wire line installations or telephone company service delays.
arrow Advanced encryption and access control in Adino’s equipment provided the base with a secure solution
arrow Video surveilance and monitoring was easily extended to the remote offices with digital IP cameras

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