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manufacturingManufacturing companies are continually seeking ways to lower costs and boost productivity. Significant efficiencies are possible by sharing critical information with employees, suppliers and customers.

Putting information at the fingertips of those who need it can be a difficult and expensive task, especially when employees, suppliers and customers are scattered among several different locations. A fast, secure and reliable network is essential.

Go wireless with Adino and realize the full benefits of broadband wireless networks.

Manufacturing companies can use wireless networks to share product specifications, operations data, desktop applications and other information quickly and efficiently across two or more separate locations, such as warehouses, offices, and manufacturing facilities. Wireless building-¬to-¬building networks are also ideal for connecting with supplier and customer locations, such as parts depots, retail outlets, and service centers.

Flexible, Inexpensive Installation

With broadband wireless connectivity, networks can be quickly, easily and inexpensively modified to meeting change requirements. In addition, broadband wireless networks offer the flexibility to painlessly add or eliminate sites, or secure additional bandwidth.

Proven Track Record

With its portfolio of unlicensed-band wireless and WiMAX equipment, Adino has helped manufacturing companies in several countries to realize the full benefits of wireless networks. Adino wireless equipment is at the heart of award¬-winning network deployments across the globe.

Solid Security Solutions

Adino’s wireless equipment features enhanced security to prevent eaves-dropping, thanks to built¬-in data scrambling that “disguises” data when traveling across the wireless network. The Adino product family uses proprietary technology for even higher levels of security. Adino has added many features that make it virtually impossible to intercept and decipher transmissions from its advanced wireless Ethernet bridges, including irregular transmission patterns and proprietary data formatting.

Fast, Reliable Bandwidth

Adino family of point-to-point and point-to-multipoint bridges are ideal for manufacturing companies because they are fast and reliable and provide the most bandwidth for the investment. Proprietary Adino technology minimizes interference and ensures constant service over distance through increased data rates and enhanced reliability.

Sample Manufacturing Application

Company Type :
Manufacturer of pipe and valve equipment used by natural gas distribution companies
Application :
The company needed to share inventory management and production accounting files between their central office, manufacturing facility and distribution warehouse. Using Adino advanced wireless Ethernet bridges, the manufacturing company set up a cost¬ effective, high¬-speed broadband wireless point-¬to-multipoint network within a 20 kilometer (12 miles) radius to connect the central office to the manufacturing and distribution locations.
Benefits Realized By Going Broadband Wireless :
arrow Site-to-site links were deployed quickly because the there was no need for time consuming and expensive wireline installations or telephone company service delays.
arrow Company saved enough in telephone company month line fees and installation charges to promptly payback entire network set¬up costs.
arrow Files can be downloaded quicker because the wireless links provided more bandwidth than the wire line circuits.
arrow Production efficiencies improved due to being able to share large production accounting files easily.
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