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Today, advanced satellite services enable the distribution of multimedia-rich applications anywhere in the world. The global demand for cost effective IP over satellite services is growing because of the extended coverage that satellite technology is capable of providing with a low amount of infrastructure cost. Engineers at EION are developing intelligent systems for the satellite services sector that will increase availability and throughput; delivering on-demand multimedia content while reducing operating costs. The EION Satellite Services solution employs advanced QoS, developed and optimized specifically for satellite-network traffic Satellite Services

Solution Benefits :

arrow Reduced Operating Costs
arrow Rugged – for operating in extreme environments
arrow Centralized Management
arrow QoS – guaranteed service delivery and performance
arrow Increased broadband coverage opportunities

Applications supported :

arrow VPN support for secure applications
arrow Internet Access
arrow Voice (VoIP)
arrow Video Surveillance

Markets :

arrow Rural and Remote Communities
arrow Tele-Health
arrow Distance Learning
arrow Extended Enterprise Coverage
arrow Defense, Military and Intelligence Agencies or Departments
arrow Oil, Gas and Resource Exploration
arrow Internet Service Providers
arrow Temporary Emergency Relief Operations

EION’s On-Demand Satellite Solution offers customers :

arrow WiFi standard-based client access
arrow Repeater infrastructure for extended range and coverage
arrow RADIUS server authentication for secure client access
arrow Custom links promoting local facilities
arrow Fully Supported Solution

Products :

EION Wireless is a global provider of broadband wireless communications products and technologies, offering businesses including telecom service providers, governments and enterprises effective, economic and secure high-speed wireless communications solutions. EION specializes in high-speed Internet access, VoIP, data network extension, and wireless data and telephony backhaul, utilizing its high quality products and industry-leading technologies.

The EION Wireless product family consists of Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint wireless access systems from 2.4 GHz to 5.8 GHz in the unlicensed spectrum. EION products are a set of ultra-ruggedized, reliable and flexible radio systems composed of subscriber units, base station units, wireless bridges and antennas.

The EION Tidal product family is a set of robust, intelligent and highly scalable broadband gateways that provide an effective and flexible platform for interconnecting networking applications, network management services, as well as client/server systems.
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