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TransportationOrganizations in today’s transportation industry need to move manage and share massive amounts of information quickly, securely and cost-effectively across multiple sites.

Putting the needed network connections in place can be a challenging and costly task, especially in environments that are constantly changing or subject to harsh climactic conditions, or where wire line links are not practical.

Go wireless with Adino and realize the full benefits of broadband wireless networks.

Wireless site-to-site networks are ideal for shipping companies, port authorities, and ground and air transportation companies that need to transmit information such as weather conditions, schedule updates, emergency notices and mechanical or vehicular systems data quickly and efficiently between two or more remote sites. Wireless site-to-site networks are well suited for ship-to-shore communication, station-to-head office, and vehicular traffic monitoring and temporary office site applications.

Inexpensive Installation, No More Line Charges

With broadband wireless connectivity, networks can be installed quickly and inexpensively because there are no wires involved. As well, there are also no costly telephone company monthly line charges to pay or telephone company service delays to endure.

Proven Track Record

With its portfolio of advanced wireless and WiMAX equipment, Adino has helped governments in several countries realize the full benefits of wireless networks. Adino wireless bridges are at the heart of award-winning network deployments across the globe.

Solid Security Solutions

Adino wireless equipment features enhanced security to prevent eavesdropping, thanks to built-in data scrambling that “disguises” data when traveling across the wireless network. The Adino product family uses proprietary associated technology for even higher levels of security. Adino has added many features that make it virtually impossible to intercept and decipher transmissions from its advanced wireless equipment; including irregular transmission patterns and proprietary data formatting.

Fast, Reliable Bandwidth formation

Adino advanced wireless bridges are ideal for airports, shipping operations, and motor vehicle departments because they are fast and reliable and provide the most bandwidth for your department’s investment. Proprietary Adino technology minimizes interference and ensures constant service over distance through increased data rates and enhanced reliability.

Turn-Key Wireless Network Solution

Adino, along with its worldwide channel partners, offer everything needed to set up, use and manage a wireless building-to-building networks and IP video surveillance systems. Adino will assist in integrating broadband wireless access equipment with existing network gear, a process that takes only a matter of hours.

The Only Product Needed

Adino’s advanced wireless equipment is the only solution needed for deployment of high-speed wireless networks. Adino products can be used to provide high-speed point-to-multipoint, point-to-point and backhaul connections. With only one wireless product required, government departments will save time on installation, save money on total network costs, and save the hassle of dealing with multiple wireless equipment vendors.

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