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Video SurveillanceAdino’s wireless video surveillance solutions allow you to combine the reliability, freedom, and easy setup of new wireless technology with the flexibility, scalability, and cost savings of IP—for dependable video surveillance with exceptional performance.

Solution Highlights :

arrow Can be used in locations where wired infrastructure doesn’t exist
arrow Less expensive than wired solutions
arrow Can leverage existing IP networks
arrow Can be used to monitor remote locations
arrow Can be set up, reconfigured, expanded, or even disassembled quickly when required for special events
arrow Video images can be transmitted over a secure Internet connection or private IP network at little or no cost
arrow Scalable – can be expanded at little cost, without having to lay wire or cable

Adino’s wireless video surveillance solutions allow you to :

arrow Combine benefits of both wireless and IP technology in a single solution
arrow Conduct dependable and secure surveillance in virtually any setting
arrow Deploy rapidly – sites can be installed and operational in as little as four hours
arrow Operate a flexible network where cameras can be reconfigured as needs change
arrow Add surveillance of mobile environments like trains and buses to your surveillance system

How Adino’s wireless video surveillance solutions work :

arrow Cameras capture video images in a format that is suitable for transmission over the IP network
arrow The images are transmitted to a subscriber unit located near the monitored area
arrow The subscriber unit wirelessly transmits the images to an access point device
arrow The access point device relays the images over the Internet or private IP network to a control centre
arrow Images can be monitored and stored on a server

How Adino’s surveillance solutions help your organization :

arrow Makes industrial facilities, property, and personnel more secure
arrow Wireless technology reduces implementation and maintenance costs. No cost to bury cable or leased line charges.
arrow Non Line of Sight (NLOS) capability; reduces total base stations required.
arrow Protects investment in current and legacy equipment by allowing you to use your existing IP network for video surveillance

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